Iced Coffee

The story tells that , at the end of the sixteenth century , when Portuguese missionaries came to Ethiopia highlands to evangelize , they were very su

Cappuccino Mocha

Are You addicted to coffee ?

Do you like chocolate ?

Do You want to wake the sluggish  brain after a long sleep ? Or energized after stress

Cappuccino Hazelnut

Cappuccino has been a popular drink in Italy and Spain since the 15th century Most people at this place use the cappuccino at breakfast , they think t

Cappuccino Special

Cappuccino is not only the coffee but it is also the art in which all the people enjoy and bartenders are artists                        

Coffee for men 3 in 1

Coffee was discovered over a one thousand years ago, when a goatherd named Kadil in Ethiopia saw his goats having some strange expression ( dance, get

Coffee for women honey and collagen

The world has 6 continents with over 230 countries and I assure you every country consumes coffee – the second trading commodity in the world.

About Us

   VME Imextrade co , founded in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam  in 2016  , it produces and exports for different countries around the world . VME Imextrade co , is one of the international trading companies that specialized in manufacturing and supplying  “  Coffee “   , we own a factory that produces different flavors […]



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