Cappuccino Hazelnut

Cappuccino has been a popular drink in Italy and Spain since the 15th century Most people at this place use the cappuccino at breakfast , they think that using coffee after breakfast is not good for the digestive system . However , Hazelnut is a difference , you can use them at any time.

To make a cup of Capuccino Hazelnut , one must choose the most delicious beans , blending the bitter taste of espresso lungo with hot sweet milk and cream flour together , plus a little chestnut flour ( or grain hazelnut ) depending on hobby .

Hazelnut Cappuccino is named after the material to distinguish it from other kinds of Cappuccino . Hazelnut means chestnut , indeed , it is nutty , but many say that ” chest nuts ” sound more delicious than ” hazelnuts ” ( ! ? ! ) .instead of using chocolate powder to create aroma Cappuccino Hazelnut uses Hazelnut powder to create a unique, natural , rustic aroma.

I will talk quickly about how to make a glass of Cappuccino in general and a glass of hazelnut in particular.

First , you need a cold bottle of fresh milk , I mean that both the bottle and the milk have been chilled , so milk will easily mix with air and form a foam layer or you can also use fat-free milk to replace. Then make sure that the foam-making equipment was really clean and dry.


A cup ofH azelnut Cappuccino will be perfect if you can create a layer of “standrad milky foam” , this really is a kind of art needing a lot of dexterity because too little milky foam will be diluted,but too much foam also does not create any anything.

Next, dip the foam-making equipment on the lower surface of the milk a little at this time, milk has just been boiled and foamed . At this point, you must use your meticulousity, care and it cannot be falsified , you notice the foam-making equipment with a hole absorbing the air on its side ,adjust so that the surface of the milk coincides with this hole , keep the bottle being steamed and frothed ,when the  volume of milk increases rapidly, lower the pitcher , just a little. Remember, any sudden movement at this time will make the foam like soap bubbles

When temperature goes up to 37,78 C let foam-making equipment be immersed to the bottom of  the bottle slowly and then carefully and gently shake the bottle so that then the milk is stirred up clockwise . When the temperature is up to about 65,56 C ,steamed and frothed process has ended , now you just need to stir to get rid of the big milky foam , sprinkle with hazelnut powder and start decorating .

It is very simple, isn’t it?


Not at all

The process of making Cappuccino is very meticulous


If you are not a skilled bartender . If you are a novice , you will not be able to make a cup of Hazelnut as you wish


I will make a calculation for you , you’ll lose an amount of money for buying coffee maker , foam machines , bottles of milk , raw materials , …

To make a cup of Cappuccino Hazelnut like I said , it will take about 15 to 30 minutes or more .

If you go to a cafe , then you wait for a cup of coffee for about 20 minutes , with an average price of 40,000 for each glass.

While life is busy , the minute as each drop of gold , whereas if your income is average that price can be considered quite expensive .

So how about a glass of Hazelnut Cappuccino made by your own hand ,less than 5 minutes and price below 5000?

Understanding the needs of the time , cost and quality of customers for this wonderful drink , VME IMEXTRADE brings Soluble Hazelnut Cappuccino products , produced with closed chain, guarantees freshness of café and simultaneously retain the Hazelnut nutrients like iron , calcium , protein , Omega 9 , vitamin K , folate , … especially Proanthrocyanidin antioxidants and prevent the growth of cancer cells , reduce blood pressure, prevent heart disease , improve brain health , circulatory system and relieve some allergy symptoms .

Not just that, Hazelnut Cappuccino IMEXTRADE VME is the essence distilled from the freshest coffee beans , along with the passion and modern techniques .