Cappuccino Mocha

Are You addicted to coffee ?

Do you like chocolate ?

Do You want to wake the sluggish  brain after a long sleep ? Or energized after stressful working-hours ?

But you don’t want to have the dark ring around the eyes, do not want your teeth to become yellow or full lips become grey ?

It’s great Cappuccino Mocha is able to satisfy all of the things above .

You do not know what Mocha Cappuccino is ? So let me help you .

Yemen’s city –Google source

Mocha is the name of a city in the Republic of Yemen , from the 15th century to the 18th century it was the world’s biggest bowl of coffee .


Cappuccino Mocha VME IMEXTRADE suitable drink for women

Café Mocha Latte is a variation of café latte(Italy), including Espresso, hot and flavored with chocolate, previously it’s often made from powdered chocolate but today most sellers use chocolate syrup. Actually you can also call it “hot Chocolate with Espresso drink ” it’s a bit long but if you can not remember the name of it, just talk about the taste or composition, the seller will know what you mean.

As someone who worked extensively with machines, I can understand the density of the stressful job and the feeling that nerves stretch like the strings, tiredness, exhaustion, … at such times, a cup of Mocha will be perfect choice for me, the smell of chocolate awaken the senses from tiredness, the sweet milk soothe the nerves, the feeling after every cup of Mocha is a new day.

Great advantages of Mocha is very little caffeine because it is prepared by steam, it doesn’t cause insomnia and “the heat in your body”, no dark lips, no acne and no yellow teeth, … Sisters must be very fond of this type of coffee.

Someone once said that ” a sip Mocha will let you know how sweet the love is “.

At this point you have probably understood “a little bit ” about Mocha Cappuccino already. So want to buy it , then how can you do ?

Quite simply, please contact VME IMEXTRADE.