Cappuccino Special

Cappuccino is not only the coffee but it is also the art in which all the people enjoy and bartenders are artists                                                                                                                         A cup of Cappuccino is as sweet as the lovely lady of Italy, very beautiful, very sweet, very noble but not distant.

The Italians did not enjoy the coffee slowly to contemplate life as the Vietnamese, they also do not rush into a snack bar, grab a cup of coffee and then hurriedly go away as Americans, Italians’ standard style of enjoying coffee is to get into a bar and order a cup of coffee …,add a little more sweet and then start the conversation, dance or sit to sip gently sway to the melodious music. If you come to this boot-shaped country and see signs of a small shop with the word “Bar”, do not enter if you are looking for a “Bar” with wine and loud music , Italian’s Bar is similar to a cafe and this is not the place for drinking.


A  Bar Coffee at Italia


a couple of interesting things while enjoying coffee in Italy .

Italians usually stand at the bar to drink coffee , you can also sit and wait for the waiter but your cup of coffee will cost twice that. So above all , stand to enjoy a cup of Cappuccino , just to help you save money and be able to integrate into the culture of Italy. Your behavior also decides how much money you have to pay for a cup of coffee . The more polite you are , the less amount of money you have to pay for a cup of coffee . For example, you go to a cafe and called ” a Cappuccino ” you will have to pay $ 7 , “Give me a cup of Cappuccino ” amount dropped to $ 4 , “Please give me a glass of traditional cappuccino ” comes with a friendly smile you will only need to pay $ 1.4 . Perhaps , a charge according to this attitude has somewhat made up the courteous style of the Italian .

In recent years, the fast-food stores introduced into Vietnam, they also adopted payment of italian’s café: pay immediately after calling coffee. The café doesn’t require this but it is regarded as a minimum courtesy, choose drinks, prepay,take the bill and the waiter will bring you the cup of coffee you need .

one more thing, Italians believe that drinking coffee in the afternoon is not good for the digestive system (Scientists have proven this to be unfounded), so if you want to get along with them, do not enter a café at noon, people will look at you as an abnormal person, it’s almost like you walk into an iced cream shop in the middle of winter. Cappuccino should be used at breakfast, people here considered the cream foam in the coffee  as a substitute for a meal. A fresh cup of coffee in Italy is often not available in sugar, so there are always pockets of sugar on the trail so you can be active in adding sweetness to your cup of coffee.

Here’s how to enjoy the coffee in a number of different cultures:

  • Jamaica, Colombia, Kenya likes the hot drinks.
  • other areas of Africa like the coffee drinks with little mint to taste the cool.
  • The Arabs often mix chicory with coffee to create a sort of coffee with a strange unique taste.
  • The Italians drink Espresso coffee with sugar.
  • The German and Swiss prefer coffee with hot chocolate.
  • The Mexico combines lemon juice with coffee.
  • The Belgian likes to drink with coffee.
  • The Moroccans drink coffee with pepper.
  • a cup of salty coffee is a favorite drink of Ethiopia.
  • People who drink coffee in the Middle East add cardamom seeds and pepper.
  • Austrian People prefer to drink coffee mixed with cream.

The Cappuccino professional bartenders called Barista , each Bartisa usually has their own secret to create the perfect cup of coffee . Their ability was assessed by the decorating milk foam , thick milk foam on a cappuccino cup was created by letting steam jet stir and make foam in a bottle of fresh milk , on the face of the foam they will sprinkle foam layer of powder Cocoa – Chocolate to enhance the flavor .

There are many variations of Cappuccino . Mainly different in the powder sprinkled on thick foam layers that make up the different flavors . VME IMEXTRADE has reviewed on thousands of consumers and gives you the Cappuccino product that first appears in Vietnam , up from Cappuccino Hazelnut , Capuccino Special uses chocolate powder to sprinkle on the surface after dissolving foam , while enjoying, they create mellow sweet taste and bring the full consciousness after the experience.