Coffee for men 3 in 1

Coffee was discovered over a one thousand years ago, when a goatherd named Kadil in Ethiopia saw his goats having some strange expression ( dance, getting excited,….) after eating some small seeds from a strange tree. He also tried eating and realized some strange change on his own body. A monk examined him and decided to take this kind of tree to the temple.

Formerly, coffee was considered as a flavor with hypnotic skill and only the high-class can use this kind of drink.

Some time Later, coffee was quickly favored by commoner because of its stimulating rusticity. It is used in the kitchens, on the fresh morning, for romantic couples, gatherings and composing literature.

Even the saints as napoleon or great scientist albert eistein became addicted to coffee;

‘Without coffee, politics loses its soul’ Napoleon

‘Without coffee, there won’t be any laws’ Albert Eistein

“Every morning without a cup of coffee, I feel insipid” Napoleon

Most of the people who works with intellectual mind all need coffee as a kind of essential energy for wisdom.

A raw material which is the highest number in coffee is caffeine. A stimulant that you should use with a moderate amount.

Scientists have embarked on studying the effects of coffee on the human body, the following are some of the benefits come from coffee:

  1. Coffee makes people feel more relaxed and easygoing :

On the research of the Australian scientists, queensland university, over 400 volunteers have already had the opinions of fighting against abortion and “ happy death”. People drink the same cup of drink, then read newspaper of the opposing side on those two opinions. After asking their ideas, most of the people who drink orange juice with a little caffeine have changed their minds and agreed with the newspaper they have just seen. And those who only drink orange juice still keep their thoughts.


  1. Weight-loss coffee :

This is the things that overweight people understand, coffee will stimulate the fat to burn. On the morning before doing exercises, you should drink a cup of coffee, trust me, after a few weeks, your weight will improve considerably, it is more effective than just drinking water and running.

Drink coffee( less than 2 cups) will stimulate fat to metabolize. However only less than 2 cups, if you exceed this limit, it will promote local circulation and accumulation of toxins in the fat deposits. If you use something too much, it will be harmful to your health so don’t abuse

  1. Reduce the risk of asthma and cure allergyane :

Cafe is the bane of asthma , if you drink coffee every day you will get 28 % reduced risk of developing asthma .

If you are allergic (seafood , antibiotics , … ), take 1 cup of coffee , the compounds in coffee reduces the release of histamine into the bloodstream ( this is the cause of allergies )


  1. Relieve the pain :

Caffeine will help relieve the pain even better than aspirin

  1. Reduce liver diseases :

Maybe you don’t know that liver is a part of the body which is very difficult to recover if it gets hurt, just like a water bubble, you scratch on it, now matter what you do, it isn’t nearly able to work as before.

If your job forces you to contact with beer or some kinds of drink which are harmful to your liver just drink coffee everyday, it will form protective layer to your liver , help you reduce the risk of death from cirrhosis .

  1. Stimulate your thinking, increase creativity :

“I drank a pond of coffee without sugar to make this life work” Honore de Balzac,french writer

  1. Strengthen your muscle :

This is the reason why the sport competitions have rules about the limit of caffeine in the blood.

Researchers explain that caffeine stimulates burning of fat not sugar in your muscule to produce energy and reduce your stress

  1. Prevent the diabetes :

Some studies show that people who drink coffee every day will have a lower risk of diabetes than those who do not drink .

Despite its benefits , we do not encourage you to drink coffee in an insatiable way, you should know how to control the amount you drink and it completely brings benefits to you, by contrast, you drink it like a hungry beast it will literally kill you.

So how can you know how much is enough ?

The amount of caffeine that you can consume as follows :

Adult: 300-400mg

Children under 12 :
It is best not to use because it disrupts the brain development ( Because of insomnia and stimulants )

Children between 13 and 18: less than100 mg

A cup of coffee is called enough when it is the perfect combination of pure coffee, sugar and fat . In order to align the standards of caffeine you need, it properly takes some time ( because most likely you do not know how much caffeine coffee beans contain) .

IMEXTRADE was created to offer a standard amount of caffeine , sugar , dairy , fats by the leading experts in research and development . One package of dissolved coffee contains about 40-100mgcaffeine dissolved , suitable for most ages . You will no longer worry about the issue of ” How much is enough ?”

Café 3in1 for Men of VME IMEXTRADE, specially created for the stronger sex,  stimulates the development of muscule, thinking, creativity, it awakens the sense from being tired, revive the spirit and relieve stress after the fatigue of life.