Coffee for women honey and collagen

The world has 6 continents with over 230 countries and I assure you every country consumes coffee – the second trading commodity in the world.

Perhaps you will be quite surprised to know that all the world’s coffee is grown on the same latitude called “Bean Belt” .Coffee is best to be grown at the latitude of 25 degrees north to 30 degrees south.



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This section includes the countries of Central and South America , the Caribbean , Africa , India , parts of Asia , the Middle East and Hawaii . The temperature, climate , hilly area and minimum sunlight (about 2 hours per day ) are the prerequisites to grow coffee ; also Quality of coffee beans depends on how to roast , grind , mix and the expiry date.


With coffee, you can not drink it thirstily like drinking milk.

Despite the pleasure are drinking coffee but you cannot drinking it thirstily like drinking milk coffee is not as tranquil as tea and also not as powerful as alcohol ; people who gently enjoy it think that coffee is a juxtaposition of joy and sorrow . With those who feel sad, coffee is just like a song with silence . And the followers of coffee consider it as a woman who brought the charms.That is the reason why people are willing to sit for hours to sip a cup of coffee. That taste makes people have delusion about it forever.

According to the Swiss’s quotations ” Coffee must be as black as hell , as bitter as death and as sweet as love.” The  coffee like that is coffee indeed . But to the gentle sex , coffee like that is too bitter , coffee for women should be lightly brown milk , the aroma of coffee and milk blended together with moderate sweetness . For men , the sweet after the bitter will seduce them , and for women, sweetness perfumed extending from the tip of the tongue to the heart and that will make them fascinated . Of course , it will not be too sweet, it will be lightly sweet , warm , as sweet as bitter ,as bitter as sweet . Really hard to describe .


Weight-loss coffee

This is the things that overweight people understand, coffee will stimulate the fat to burn. On the morning before doing exercises, you should drink a cup of coffee, trust me, after afew weeks, your weight will improve considerably, it is more effective than just drinking water and running.

Drinking coffee( less than 2 cups) will stimulate fat to metabolize. However only less than 2 cups, if you exceed this limit, it will promote local circulation and accumulation of toxins in the fat deposits. If you use something too much, it will be harmful to to your health so don’t exaggerate


Coffee helps to lose weight


5in1 VME Cafe for women of IMEXTRADE is specifically produced for weaker sex to minimize body ” getting too hot ” after drinking it. Simultaneously leading manufacturing technology  helps to keep the effects of liver detoxification , clean blood and prevent allergies , …

Coffee has become a tasty drink for the heart of every person , they drink coffee when they have innermost feeling , concerns , people drink it as a source of inspiration in their work, drink coffee simply as a way to enjoy life !