Iced Coffee

The story tells that , at the end of the sixteenth century , when Portuguese missionaries came to Ethiopia highlands to evangelize , they were very surprised to see people here suffer from the strange sleeping sickness, they sleep all the time, everywhere even when hunting , driving , going to the spring and all of the things that can cause danger while they slept as 2-3 times as normal people,they even sleep all day .

And the reason is the buffalo flies ; a fly that sucks blood of the cattle to live. However , when their reproduction is out of control, the amount of cattle is insufficient to meet demand , this species began to turn to attack humans . When it sucks blood, it releases anticoagulant fluid , blood begin to flow out and not to clot , blood keep seeping day after day and it will make the victim die of exhaustion .


Drowsiness has many causes , but mainly due to lack of water , lack of oxygen / blood pumping to the brain ( known as cerebral circulatory insufficiency ) make patients always feel lack of sleep .

To cure this , the local healers have gathered to produce a medicine of small fruits a small fruit such as cherries , peeled, roasted until flavor is aromatic then gives it to the patient to chew .

After chewing strange seeds ; the patient recovers and starts dancing ,getting excited , talking wildly . Those who do not get sick from eating this grain has the same effect .


                                          Quả hạt lạ – Nay được gọi là quả Cà phê


The missionaries took these seeds back to Europe, about half a century coffee start being used in the nobility .

The coffee is roasted until it is fragrant , then crush , and cook into a kind of dark brown water , waiting for the coffee ground to sink, then it is drinkable . The ancient way of making coffee is Ethiopia’s . They put the coffee beans in a large iron skillet and roasted , then crushed or put them in a mortar. Debris of pounded grain is mixed with sugar, placed in a high- neck  pot with straps up to cook and poured into the bowl .

Hạt Cà phê sau khi rang

Caffeine in coffee is only produced when it is roasted with too much fire and has fragrance , not all animals can digest raw coffee ( this is also the reason for the introduction of mink coffee)

Previously , the coffee is expensive raw materials and because the roads of transport from India to Europe are extremely remote and dangerous , even , it takes a half year to bring coffee to the land , so for this reason the Netherlands is the dominating country in coffee sector with  the most powerful merchant ships for transportation , the merchant ships must bypass Captown so the journey becomes extremely distant , Dutch people have established a seaport here to provide food for its domestic merchant ships , making Captown extremely busy place . Upon arrival in Europe , the price of coffee has risen very high , so only the nobility or dealers can drink coffee. Beethoven had to count each grain before drink it . For civilians , drinking a cup of coffee is only in their dreams.

Coffee assessment can not be based on any criteria because each place has a different way of making coffee :

we can say thatWithout the famous cafes of Vienna, the human race has no great Norwegian playwright Willian Shakespeare with the comedy filled with wit, hilarity “The Merchant of Venice” and natural love and tearful” Romeo and Juliet “. Without the famous café of Kốp-bờ-len-dơ  lies on the junction of the Rhine “Holy Roman Empire”,it is really difficult for the poet to give life verses of vitality and wonders about people … And there is no exaggeration to say that: if there is no coffee, the whole Europe forever immersed in “the Dark Ages”. Coffee made Europe static , stood up in the blinding light of  ancient civilizations of Greece to enter the powerful Renaissance on giant legs of the economy of capital goods and civilization of technology industrial Science

When the beans are sent to other areas for multiplication, it becomes less expensive and until now it has become a popular drink suitable for people of all classes. There are many kinds of coffee, ways of making coffee, many ways to enjoy.

In tropical areas with relatively hot climate, the coffee with milk is their first choice, it brings sanity and it is also a refreshing drink.

The Vietnamese drink coffee with a special feature, different from other countries. They use a coffee filter to purify coffee and condensed milk to drink white coffee. They don’t see anyone using fresh milk for making coffee with milk. It is the way of using coffee filter, using condensed milk with the taste of fat mixed with bitter penetrating through thich layer of coffee in the filter that makes up the features of the white coffee with ice in Việt Nam.

Iced coffee with milk without knowing how to mix will be diluting coffee will somewhat lose it’s effect of coffee ” wake you up ” .

That is also the reason why Iced Coffee 3in1 was chosen by VME IMEXTRADE Co to be introduce to you , with leading production technology and research of experts about coffee, this coffee is specially produced for everyone to enjoy with style ” Iced coffee “, coffee with milk added more ice will not be diluted and it won’t have faint smell or bland taste , but on the contrary it is still fragrant and brings complete sanity .